All In a Day’s Work

The Little Lessons We Learn…

Today was full of lessons learned. It began this morning around the seven o’clock hour when I broke my daily commute for a little cup of heaven or Spiced Chai Latte, if you will.

Much to my surprise, I pulled rather easily into a parking space curbside, jumped out of the car, dashed over the poor dog tied to the pole, and slid into my neighborhood coffee shop.

No not Starbucks, but the one the neighbors absolutely dote over. I ordered my cup of deliciousness and within seven minutes I was back in Apollo’s Chariot and off to the daily business of government.

I was happy. This was going to be a great day. My “bestie” was chatting with me over the speaker with one of her fabulous experiences, and here I go – first sip…squeal…my cup of heaven is horrible!

Fast forward, lesson learned #2

Humidity in the Washington metropolitan area this week has been unbearable. One could easily compare it to living in a swamp, yes, with the sweltering temperatures, mugginess, sun beating me down and sweat dripping down my back, hot!

So, it’s no surprise that I decided to stop for a “fruit smoothie” on my way back to my office following an afternoon meeting. I should have walked away when I asked for a strawberry banana smoothie, and the clerk grabbed as his first ingredient a bottle of cranberry juice made from concentrate! He added some kind of strawberry mixture, but I didn’t see any strawberries splattering the already non-fruit mixture sitting in the bottom of the Vitamix. He added a banana, a cup of ice, and what I would measure as almost a cup of sugar (or maybe it was smoothie mixture). Either way, I, the “mixologist” was beginning to regret my decision to buy a mystery smoothie!

What was the driving factor for my following through and downing both cups of horribleness – the world’s worst chai tea latte and the non-fruit smoothie? Is it because I spent my hard earned money that makes me feel committed? Did I hear my mom saying, “girl money [don’t] grow on trees – you better eat that food!”

No place like Mind the Mat

Surely, a bit of logic kicked in as a made my trek back to the office in the sweltering heat with my non-fruit, sugar-laden fruit smoothie. “If you are sipping this mess, and you drank the crappy latte you bought earlier today because you spent your money on it, then why won’t you commit to that yoga membership you spent your money on as well?”

Why am I allowing my money to define how I treat or mistreat my body? What sense does this make?

Does your money define how you care about or neglect your body? Do you feel guilty over wasting money on something like food, but you feel no guilt over not maximizing the use of your gym memberships? If this kind of behavior doesn’t make sense to you, like it doesn’t make sense to me, then stop the madness!

I will. It’s mind over matter or “Mind the Mat” for me – back to the routine yoga practice I go!

Change bad behaviors when you recognize them. Every day is a new day!

You didn’t know where this was going, did you? Be smart consumers people!

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