A Cure for Cabin Fever

It doesn’t take much to catch a case of cabin fever when living within close proximity to the nation’s Capitol.

If there’s a mere drop or two of snow all productivity comes to a halt. Needless to say, as soon as a beam of sun peers through the clouds, the city heart begins to beat, and immediately we all take to the streets. My mad dash mission, to grab a few essential tools to make it through this President’s Day weekend!

IMHO at work. Everyone has an opinion. Make yours count!

Don’t get me wrong I love the outdoors, a good President’s Day sale and a four-day weekend like anybody else. But, the Debbie Downer in me doesn’t want to continue the parking meter dash or the still-slippery street pavement, or worst the wet floor watch your step signs. So an amazing magazine reading weekend this will be!

For a girl who loves reading, writing, fashion, and anything else that includes avoiding the cold; spending the entire weekend indoors is going to be a treat.

Have you ever seen red, black and white look so good?

What’s on my agenda? I’m glad you want to know.

First, I have a double issue of New York magazine with the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o glazing the cover. Also, one of the most amazing copies of V Magazine with a tricked out cover-up/non-cover up of blonde bombshell Kate Upton. But what I’m most excited to check out is the inside photo shoot with little Miss Willow Smith because her fashion sense is simply on another level – Miss – to begin with. Then, who can pass over a cover of W Magazine with Jennifer Lawrence giving us feminine and edgy at the same time.  Once my bum starts to ache from being a couch potato, I’ll take it to the kitchen and try out one of Vegetarian Times’ easy winter meals. No weekend is guiltless without an issue of Women’s Health. I picked up the Training Guide 2014 for its 10 Do Anywhere Equipment-Free Workouts. So there it is, all the tools and techniques a girl need to inspire weeks worth of inspiration for the In My Humble Opinion blog.

Lupita Nyong’o, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence don the cover of a few of the magazines/tools I use for inspiration.

I hope you all get through this chilly, snowy, cabin fever-laden President’s Day weekend! I know I will.

Stay warm friends!

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