When Fantasy Becomes Reality

When it comes to my personal time, making plans in advance or schedule calendars are non-existent activities.

This apprehension to plan is a direct response to having every minute of my workweek scheduled for me. Therefore, this contrived act or refusal to plan my weekends is my small attempt at having some self-control.

To no fault of my own, I broke this habit and began planning my family’s summer vacation. This small act would result in one of the best decisions I’ve made all year!

You see, each year my “energizer hubby” sets his mark on the San Francisco Marathon. It’s an event we’ve participated in since 2006.

Exactly 10 years since we both set foot in this beautiful coastal city that is San Francisco, we decided to tick on another week and enjoy an amazing vacation in Mexico.

After exhausting ourselves from days of shopping, eating, drinking, walking, and running around in San Francisco, we toasted our good friends the Beccio’s farewell and began our trek to Mexico’s Maya Riviera; the fantasy that is Rosewood Mayakoba, with its phenomenal pictures and five-star reviews, became my reality.

I’m not sure if the fantasy began for me when I was greeted at the airport with a chilled face towel to better handle the heat (as we were escorted to our transportation). Or maybe it was the incredible marble entrance to Rosewood’s Mayakoba paradise. Whenever it began, I knew this would be the beginning of something magnificent that I would always remember.

I’m not sure what I enjoyed most, endless days of grandiose hospitality, personal butler service, my own outdoor pool, incredible views, amazing food with plates that seemed too small but I could hardly finish; whatever I wanted, they delivered.

Attention to detail is something I’ve come to admire. It’s something I place on my own level of effort, and notice when others do as well. I was reading a really good book over my vacation, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah, the savvy, a sophisticated and intelligent story of an intellectual, young Nigerian woman and her experience of race in America, and returning to her homeland. Besides her witty stories, there’s a love interest or two in there that makes this a fast page-turner. But, I digress from my review of Mayakoba’s attention to detail.

While Americanah was a fast read, I was taken aback when the resort’s amazing housekeeping and turndown service replaced my makeshift airline ticket/bookmark with a gorgeous new bookmark. This small act of kindness and attention to detail certainly gets a paper geek like myself stirred up. I thought this was simply remarkable. Again it’s the little things!

This is not a paid review. The resort was amazing and we will visit it over and over again. In fact, we are already planning for next year’s Spring Break! We work hard and we play just as hard.

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