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Happy Labor Day! Here in the Washington, DC area, Labor Day marks the tail end of summer and welcomes the beginning of a new school year.

In one final attempt at motivating my son, and preparing him for his first day back to school, I pulled out all the stops with this end of summer barbecue.

In recognition of American workers everywhere, and especially our future American workforce preparing to return to school on Tuesday, I created a menu built around a few great American staples. Here’s to our final summer 2015 barbecue!

Nothing says barbecue, an American staple, and end of summer quite like sweet Coca-Cola infused BBQ ribs. I found this little number on Pinterest. What I liked most about these ribs is when you are short on time, this recipe is sure to guarantee tender, sweet and savory flavored goodness in half the time!

To balance the sweet, I looked to the author of one of my favorite vegan cookbooks, Chef Bryant Terry for his twist on a classic American staple, Citrus Collards with Raisin Redux. I tried this recipe for the first time and loved it. Not to mention, it took only a third the time it takes to make my mom’s collards.

I knew this recipe would be the perfect contrast to my sweet and sticky coke drenched ribs.

No barbecue is complete without my mom’s wonderful potato salad. Besides, she is one of the greatest cooks and hardest and most respected American workers I know. Any time I add any of my mom’s dishes to my menu, I automatically get a thumbs up from my boys!

Drinks Anyone?

No meal is complete without dessert and tasty libations!

And no better way to top off this Labor Day meal than adding a few traditional American libations for the adults – a Muddled Old Fashion for him; an Iced Tea for me – and this ain’t no sippin tea!; and a Buck Rogers (a non-alcohol version of the Shirley Temple) for the little one.

Happy Labor Day!


Top Shelf Iced Tea
Fill Collins Glass with Ice
Add ½ oz. each of Belvedere vodka, Bar Hill Gin, Bacardi Rum, Jose Cuervo Tequila and Cointreau
Top with ½ sour mix and ½ Coke
Add a lemon twist and serve!

Muddled Old Fashioned
In a rocks glass add 1 cube brown sugar
Dash of bitter
Muddle a cherry and an orange slice and add a splash of soda water
Fill rocks glass with ice
Add 1 and ½ oz. Rye Whiskey – I prefer Bulleits Rye
Add a stir stick and serve!

Buck Rogers
Fill a Collins Glass with Ice
Add Coca Cola
Top with a ½ oz. of grenadine
Garnish with a cherry and orange slice
Add a straw and serve!

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