Here’s to Retail Therapy…on the Go

Mobile business here in the Washington, DC area have become the norm as new entrepreneurs seek ways to offer customers services ranging from delightful food and fare to curbside pet grooming.

Until now, no other mobile venture has gotten this self-proclaimed Fashionista more excited than the Little White Fashion Truck, a mobile fashion boutique.  The concept behind the LWFT is simply amazing. In fact, we loved it so much that In My Humble Opinion reached out to Janet Gonzalez, Fashion Driver, and Manager of LWFT DC/VA. Here’s what we learned!

Pulling up at a corner near you.

IMHO: The concept of the Little White Fashion Truck is amazing – fashion on a truck. How did the retailer come into existence?

LWFT: The founder, Shelley Sarmiento who is the original co-founder of White House Black Market, was getting a cheese sandwich off a food truck during her break from teaching at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) when she had an “ah-ha” moment. She immediately began sketching her vision of a fashion truck and the Little White Fashion Truck was born and officially on the streets August 2012.

IMHO: What kind of shopping experience should a customer expect when shopping in LWFT?

LWFT: Well, a fun one is that it’s on a Truck! A comfortable one as the Truck is beautifully retrofitted with hardwood floors, crown molding, mirrors, and dressing room and the merchandise is easily accessible and visible. A time-well-spent one, as the clothes, jewelry and handbags are unique yet reasonably priced and a personal one as you have a fashion stylist who knows her products and is willing to assist whatever your needs might be!

Look who we found supporting our love of fashion in Shirlington!

IMHO: Who is the LWFT customer?

LWFT: There is something for everyone ages 15 to 75 because we carry a wide array of colors, cuts, and styles to meet many different tastes and body types. The customer just needs to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out where we are and come on board!

IMHO: Your clothes are nicely priced and the quality of the fabric rivals that of any brick and mortal retailer, how do you offer you pieces at such great prices?

LWFT: Shelley has an incredible knack of finding pieces in the Garment District of NYC with one of a kind detailing and/or colorful, eye-catching prints to stay within our price range of keeping things reasonably priced with an average of $39 (Spring-Summer) – $49 (Fall-Winter).

Giving a whole other meaning to shopping and dining.

IMHO: What do you envision in the next year for LWFT?

LWFT: To continue the expansion of adding more trucks to our fleet of 3.  We currently have Trucks in Baltimore, DC/ Northern Virginia and Memphis, TN. We hope to have 10 very soon!

Janet has had the great privilege of being the first full-time hire with the LWFT conglomerate and given the responsibility of driving and managing the 2nd truck in the company’s fleet of mobile women boutiques.

Follow the LWFT on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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