Muscadine V&T Mule – A Twist on a Vodka Tonic Classic

Today I stumbled upon a quaint farmers market in the middle of Washington’s National Harbor.

The fruit and vegetables looked amazing. The watermelons were the largest and most vibrant I had seen all summer, the plums were the most amazing color of purple, but what stopped me in my tracks were the South Carolina grown muscadine grapes.


These beauties are the first native grape species to be cultivated in North America. The natural range of muscadine grapes extends from Delaware to central Florida and occurs in all states along the Gulf Coast to east Texas.

Fresh from the market. These babies were grown in South Carolina.

So it’s quite natural that in my mixology haze, I reached for the Texas-made Tito’s Handmade Vodka to craft this twist on a vodka tonic and Moscow mule. I like to call this the Muscadine V&T Mule.

First, I love the copper mugs of the Moscow Mule. Mint makes this drink refreshing with every sip. The chill of the Tito’s Vodka and Fever Tree Tonic makes you wrestle within your own mind whether to savor every sip or down it quicker than you can make a second one!

A twist on a classic.


In a copper glass muddle
3-4 Muscadine Grapes
2 cubes of brown sugar
2 mint leaves

In a shaker with ice add
1 ¾ oz Tito’s Vodka
½ oz of Clarified Lime Juice

Shake vigorously for 8-10 seconds. Top muddled fruit in a copper glass with fresh ice. Pour Tito’s over mix. Top with Tonic. Add a fresh sprig of mint

Serve and savor!

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