Wrap up Summer with this Whiskey Black Tea Lemonade Slush

Folks, it’s here, the last holiday of summer and final cookout of the season so let me hear you say it, “Happy Labor Day”!

While I am not one to step out of my lane and whip up some delectable recipe to grill, what I will do is create and share with you my latest recipe for magnificently sweet black tea lemonade with a kick, yes a whiskey kick!

This refreshing treat is certain to keep everyone’s thirst quenched.

Got little one’s? Hold the whiskey and leave everything else the same. Garnish with a few lemon spurs and they’ll cheer for more as well.

Enjoy the last of this holiday weekend my friends, and again Happy Labor Day!


6 oz. Whiskey
6 Lipton Black Tea bags
6 Lemons
6 oz. Simple Syrup
½ cup Sugar



  1. Bring a teapot of at least 4 cups of water to a boil.
  2. While water is boiling, juice 2-3 whole lemons for approximately 6 oz. of fresh pressed juice.
  3. Make a simple syrup solution by combining 4 oz. of sugar and 2 oz. of warm water together. Gently shake together the solution in a glass container until sugar is completely dissolved and solution looks clear.
  4. I have this little Simple Syrup Kit that does wonders, helping me make simple syrup in under a minute!
  5. Steep 6 tea bags in about 4 cups of boiled water and let brew for about 5 minutes. Allow tea to cool in an open container for another 5 minutes to slightly cool.


  1. Mix together the 6 oz. of lemon juice and 6 oz. of simple syrup in a container that can transfer to the freezer.
  2. Add 12 oz. of the black tea and a ½ cup of sugar to the lemon juice and simple syrup and whisk together.
  3. Add 6 oz. of Whiskey and whisk again.
  4. Transfer container to freezer for a slow, deep freeze!


  1. Once your whiskey black tea lemonade is frozen, remove from freezer and let sit open in contain for about 10-minutes.
  2. Take a nice size metal spoon and begin to gently scrape the ice to prepare for cupping and serving.

You’ll see I made a small serving for demonstration purposes. You can make as much or as little as you like, just double or triple the ingredients to suit your partying needs.

Enjoy my friends and again, Happy Labor Day!


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